Hi. I’m Liz Aiello. I talk. I sing. I act. Take a look at my video reels. If you need some details you don’t see, just send me an email message. I’d love to hear from you.Thanks for visiting!


theater mask image I’ve been an actress for over 25 years, playing such iconic roles as Mama Rose, Evita, Annie Oakley and Peter Pan. I’ve toured with off-Broadway, national, and regional shows.

For more details, visit my Resumé page or browse my photo gallery.  


singer silhouetteI pack a big voice in a tiny body, which is great because I love sharing the stage with musicians. And some of them have really big instruments. You know, pianos and cellos!

I perform Jazz, Swing, Musical Theatre, Pop, and Country. Download my album, The Songs of Patsy Cline.

Voice Talent

Boy, can I talk! Timing, Tempo and Dynamics are my middle names! My voice can move from smooth, sultry, sassy, expressive, warm, friendly and accessible to authoritative, mature and knowledgeable.

You can hear my voiceover demos at LizVoice.com and VoiceoverRN.com.

Meet Liz Aiello--Actress, Singer, Voiceover

Over 25 years performing on stage, TV and Film